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Committee Members in High Pressure Organisations

We keep an up to date record of the number of women in the AIRAPT and EHPRG committees. Here are the results:


As of 2023, AIRAPT has a majority female committee, with a female president!

Award Winners 

We also keep an up to date record of the relative number of male and female award winners at the AIRAPT and EHPRG conferences. Here are the results:

Jamieson Award Winners.png
Bridgeman Award Winners.png
EHPRG Award Winners.png

Survey Results

We have carried out surveys on the High Pressure community regarding gender equality within the field and current issues. Here are the results:

Women in High Pressure 2016 Survey (link)

Key findings:

  • 47% of women in the field feel treated different professionally because of their gender

  • The biggest concern of women is to be heard with the same voice as men and treated respectfully and seriously

  • 24% of women believe their opinions are not considered as serious and qualified as male scientists

  • The best advice to give to young women is to find a good mentor who can both support you and help you evaluate yourself fairly

  • There are 40-50% female PhD students in high pressure organisations, but only 0-10% senior female staff members

  • 73% of women believe there is no balance between the number of female PhD students and the senior female staff members

AIRAPT 2019 Survey (link)

Key findings:

  • Most people feel there are only 0-20% female professors in their institute

  • 86% of women feel they are underrepresented within the field

  • Women believe there are less opportunities because of their gender

  • 46% men and 36% women have their own research group

  • 79% men and 67% women have received funding for research within the last 2 years

  • 67% men and 78% women supervise PhD students

  • 56% women feel they have had more problems accessing a research or teaching position because of their gender

  • 100% women feel that they have to perform better than someone of a different gender to get promoted

  • 67% male and 56% female PhD students would like to pursue a career in science

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